rsyslog-to-rsyslog communication

I admit it is just a quick note, but I guess it tell a lot to those that are working in the protocol area:

In the long term, I’ll move the protocol stack to RFC3080/3081 (including RFC 3195) as the primary rsyslog-to-rsyslog mode. I thought hard about it, but it is the best choice to have a) plugins only loaded on demand but b) the ability to decide upon runtime on the highest level of features/confidentiality. With liblogging, I already made serious investment in that protocol suite. It still not a trivial thing to do it in the way I intend to (with profile plugins) and it will probably an at least 50% rewrite of the 3080/81 code, but I came to the conclusion it is worth it. I think you’ll like it when you see it in all its glory ;) But other things are currently more important…

If you don’t get the idea what this is all about, just forget it. Really… it’s not important to you then ;)