rsyslog work log 24

Yesterday’s rsyslog work log:
– applied patch from Michael Biebl to clean up build system
– bugfix: gssutil was not linked against gss libs (bug introduced
– fixed a few remaining logerror() calls – thanks to Michael
Biebl for pointing that out
– changed –enable-klogd to –enable-klog as suggested by Michael Biebl
– bugfix (yesterday’s bug): abort during hup if library module was loaded
– portability: no longer using pthread mutex auto-init macros as they
seem to be buggy on some platforms
– worked some more on HP UX – got it to compile and receive UDP messages
– added capability to ignore client-provided timestamp on unix sockets and
made this mode the default; this was needed, as some programs (e.g. sshd)
log with inconsistent timezone information, what messes up the local
logs (which by default don’t even contain time zone information). This
seems to be consistent with what sysklogd did for the past four years.
Alternate behaviour may be desirable if gateway-like processes send
messages via the local log slot – in this case, it can be enabled
via the $InputUnixListenSocketIgnoreMsgTimestamp and
$SystemLogSocketIgnoreMsgTimestamp config directives
– applied some bugfixes to new code supplied by varmojfekoj – thanks!
– released 3.12.1