rsyslog work log 22

Again, quite some while no work log. I was busy with the new RELP protocol and also had quite a number of discussions about phpLogCon v2, the new, ultra-cool web interface to logs ;)

Anyhow, a little bit happened, so find here the pas days’ rsyslog work logs:
– bugfix: imgssapi segfaulted under some conditions; this fix is actually
not just a fix but a change in the object model. Thanks to varmojfekoj
for providing the bug report, an initial fix and lots of good discussion
that lead to where we finally ended up.
– released 3.12.2
– added initial set of RELP support (i/omrelp) – not working yet, just stage work
– cleaned up new relp code files to make them suitable for implementation
– bugfix: $ModDir should not be reset on $ResetConfig – this can cause a lot
of confusion and there is no real good reason to do so. Also conflicts with
the new -M option and environment setting.
– added advanced flow control for congestion cases (mode depending on message
source and its capablity to be delayed without bad side effects)
– bugfix: TCP and GSSAPI framing mode variable was uninitialized, leading to
wrong framing (caused, among others, interop problems)
– bugfix: memory leak in imfile
– bugfix: TCP (and GSSAPI) octet-counted frame did not work correctly in all
situations. If the header was split across two packet reads, it was invalidly
processed, causing loss or modification of messages.
– bugfix: duplicate public symbol in omfwd and omgssapi could lead to
segfault. thanks to varmojfekoj for the patch.
– oversize message handling in TCP/GSSAPI receiver