phpLogCon – why the next version

I am in an interesting email discussion and would like to share something on phpLogCon that’s probably of interest for others, too:

A major reason for phpLogCon v2 is enhanced functionality. We’ll switch away from a pure database paradigm. We’ll be able to work with log files (much faster and sufficient in many cases), of course databases but in the long term also with a specialized not-yet-written logging-specific datastore. We also want to build a community around the new phpLogCon and as an important step set up a public troubleshooting database and of course connect it to exisiting ones on the web. So the core idea of phpLogCon v2 is to create a system where users can analyze their logs but at the same time collaborate on finding solutions to issues they see (in the long term we may even get to a point where we can identify problems based on patters – but that is far too far away ;)). So the phpLogCon idea has gotten a bit broader (I should probably post that on the side, too).

Of course, rsyslog will also contribute to this vision – the overall idea is to create a great system monitoring and auditing system that not only helps with compliance but enables you to fix any upcoming trouble before it really hurts.