rsyslog work log 18

Past day’s rsyslog work log:
– added RELP doc to man pages
– removed the 32 character size limit (from RFC3164) on the
tag. This had bad effects on existing envrionments, as sysklogd didn’t
obey it either (probably another bug in RFC3164…). We now receive
the full size, but will modify the outputs so that only 32 characters
max are used by default. If you need large tags in the output, you need
to provide custom templates.
– changed command line processing. -v, -M, -c options are now parsed
and processed before all other options. Inter-option dependencies
have been relieved. Among others, permits to specify intial module
load path via -M only (not the environment) which makes it much
easier to work with non-standard module library locations. Thanks
to varmojfekoj for suggesting this change. Matches bugzilla bug 55.
– bugfix: zero-length strings were not supported in object
– bugfix: some messages were emited without hostname
– begun work on mail output plugin (open questions on TLS, so I see
if I can put this in between) – does not the least yet work ;)
– released 3.14.1 (v3 stable branch)
– bugfix: segfault in expression-based filter
– converted to git
– continued working on ommail