rsyslog work log 26

Yesterday’s rsyslog work log:
– changed module interface to support querying obj interface (stage work)
– changed module interface version, as the interface change is quite large
– tweak omsnmp doc a bit (to cover Andre’s changed oid)
– did some portability changes to make rsyslog compile on HP UX
I couldn’t resist: I finally found a suitable HP UX machine on HP’s
testdrive system. So I looked at what it takes to make rsyslog
compile. Got this going after a relatively short while. The core
engine also seems to run, but there seem to be some issues. So far,
rsyslog seems to compile but it is questionable if it can acutally
run. I’ll look into this later (or as need arises), but will now
focus again on new features (portability, as a side-effect, also
often shows code that can be improved, so it is useful to look
at different platforms even if we do not eagerly need to support