reliable plain tcp syslog – once again…

As said in my last blog post on plain tcp syslog reliability, I have now implemented Martin Schütte’s idea in rsyslog‘s plain tcp sender. I created an interface inside the netstream driver layer specifically for this method. It shall not be used by any other transport, and so it is clean enough to not affect any protocol other than the one that has the problem.

I have done some initial testing. It confirms the findings from my last post: the method works well in local, low-traffic environments, but fails in others. However, even in the fail cases, the message loss is somewhat less than without the work-around. So I think it is useful to have it inside rsyslog.

One thing that it affects is the current retry logic. Rsyslog used the work-around to resend the last message, which was most probably lost, after a successful reconnect. As connection loss is now much more reliable detected in some cases, the probabilty of message duplication greatly increases in them. In other cases, however, it may still be desirable to resend the last message. To (somewhat) solve this issue, I have now added a new config directive ($ActionSendResendLastMsgOnReconnect on/off) so that the user can specify his preferrence. The default now is to NOT send these messages on reconnect.

This functionality will be part of rsyslog 3.19.7.