back to work…

You know this: the more you like something, the “faster” time elapses. So it turns out to be Thursday of my first week back at work from my summer vacation now ;) This time, I was really lazy and had extremely limited Internet connectivity while I was away. While a bit unusual for me (I was never disconnected for more than 2 days the past 10 years or so…), it turned out to be a good experience (well, some email via PDA flowed, though). As a side-note, it was good the see the rsyslog well alive while I was out of town! Many thanks to all contributors.

As you probably expect, there was a bunch of work waiting for me when I returned. I am still suffering a bit from it. However, I managed to do some work on rsyslog. So I finally managed to get rid of the hardcoded syslog message size limit. This, of course, caused a lot of code to be touched. I did a pre-release on the mailing list, but I do not have the feeling that many tried it. Well, now it is the official devel and we’ll see if we get into interesting parts of trouble.

The next thing on my agenda is the new documentation generation system. I got a lot of help from my friends at Red Hat Japan. Actually, I now need to fully understand the way docbook and the generation process at all works. I guess that will keep my occupied for a while. So please keep watching this blog, even though I may not have so many new posts for the time being.