syslog appliance website online

I have now set up a first basic web site for SyslogAppliance. It is not great yet, but it provides a stable reference point for any work that comes up. So people can hopefully begin to use this site as a pointer for useful resources.

As a side-note, you may notice I am using a .de (German) domain. Thanks to the spammers, com, org and net domains are already used by spamming sites. And I thought it does not matter if we use a de domain. After all, we live in a time where domains from the Cocos Islands (cc) or Tuvalu (tv) are being abused for generic purposes, so why not use .de for a generic site, too?

Oh, and one interesting find: at least one person actually downloaded and tried the version of SyslogAppliance I uploaded yesterday. How do I know? I had forgotten to include the phpLogCon user in the README ;) [of course, this is fixed now ;)]