starting with rsyslog v4…

Finally, rsyslog v4 is materializing. Yesterday, I released the first devel version that is named 4.1.0. This starts a totally new branch. I decided to finally move on to v4 because I am enhancing performance quite a bit and this causes a number of big changes to the core engine as well as many modules. So rather than doing all of this in v3, I thought it is a good time to move to a new major version.

I expect that the new code will de-stabilize the project for some time and so I have now a feature-rich v3-stable release which will be available to everyone, at the price of less performance. That doesn’t mean v3 is slow, but v4 is even much faster. So I can finally begin to experiment a bit more with the new v4 branch and don’t need to think too hard that I may be introducing changes that are hard to roll into a stable within a reasonable time frame.

As far as the first v4-stable is concerned, I do not expect one to surface before February 2009 and, obviously, it will be not as stable as v3-stable is.

So the game is starting once again, and I hope you enjoy it ;)