Back from the break ;)

Hi folks,

I am right now back from my extended xmas break. Well, actually I’ve been gone right after xmas and been away – even mostly without email – for two weeks.

I was delighted to see that the rsyslog community was quite active during this time (which usually has low activity at all due to the holidays). An the sad side, that also means I have a couple of bug reports outstanding. One I managed to fix today, the others will need a little more time. Obviously, there are quite a lot of things going on, and these need to be taken care of, too. I need to do a few changes to our internal infrastructure, and then I’ll look into rsyslog, phpLogCon and the appliances.

One of the major undertakings I hope to finish in the not so distant future is fixing a stability bug that seems to occur on 4+ core machines only. I got another but report over the holidays and hope that I get enough momentum to finally track it down – we’ll see…

That’s it for now, I just wanted to keep you updated.

Oh – and did I mention happy new year ;) [it’s not too late right now…]