Carnival of Logging!

This is a proposal to start a “Carnival of Logging”. Huh… what? I guess by now everybody is participating (or at least has written) in one or more blog carnivals. But a Carnival of Logging – am I mad? Who the heck is interested in such a thing?

Yes, I know… Logging is not sexy. Indeed, most folks don’t even know there is something like logging (except, of course, if they burn wood ;)). However, some folks blog about (computer) logging. Really. Every now and then I find a few interesting posts about logging and things related to it – like what role does logging play in compliance? What about forensics? What about security, … So there is some potential interest.

I think, there is a place for a “Carnival of Logging” and I would like to organize it :) I guess we could argue weeks if it make sense to actually do it – or we can simply try. I prefer the later (… and may be proven wrong “the hard way”).

This is what I propose:

  • If you are blogging about logging or areas that are closely related to logging (so that you have something log-related at least every know and then), please email me. Let me know which blog post you would like to see highlighted in the first carnival. Please also let me know if you would be interested in hosting future carnivals.
  • I will compile the first carnival of logging out of the messages I receive. It will be hosted on this site. I have no definite schedule for it yet, because I do not know the volume of posts coming in. My goal, however, is to have this done by February, 11th.
  • After the initial post has been done, I’ll email all those that submitted carnival entries and ask for new posts ;) I’ll pick a host from the list of those that have opted to host and forward entries I have received to that host. The host will then compile a new carnival and post it on his blog.
  • Once a carnival is out, all participants should link to it from their blog.
  • I’ll keep an archive of all carnival posts here on this site.
  • The carnival of logging should be on a fixed schedule. That probably depends a bit on the volume, but I suggest that the carnival is written at least bi-weekly.

Well – and now it is up to you! Please send in your carnival entries! I think a Carnival of Logging would be a useful addition to the logging world and hope that others agree. Also, please spread the word, so that we get more exposure and more participants! Also, feel free to post any questions and comments you have.