Thailand is going syslog…

I found an interesting read in “The Nation”, one of Thailand’s largest business dailies. They talk about the economic crisis and the way Thailand plans to reduce negative effects. There is a 5-point initiative in place. Of interest for us the the fifth and final point:

Finally, the association will focus on security, which promises to be this year’s main technology trend. It will urge software companies to become more familiar with Syslog, which is a standard for forwarding log messages in an IP network, but is also typically used for computer system management and security auditing.

So, as it looks, Thailand is betting on security. This is obviously a good movement. Interestingly, they seem to have identified logging, and syslog in specific, to be a major building block in this endeavor. That’s a bit surprising, given the typical weaknesses of syslog. But they’ve probably identified the broad potential this protocol has. Maybe I should look a bit more towards Asia with rsyslog and phpLogCon as well as the Windows product line.