Low-End Windows Event Log Tool Released

Adiscon, my company, has just released EventConsolidator, an easy-to-use tool for Windows event log consolidation targeted to the small business market. Unlike our full-blown EventReporter and MonitorWare Agent products, this is a purely agentless solution to monitor the standard Windows Event Log files. Also, it does not (yet) store any events in a central repository but rather works on the native event logs of the Windows machines it monitors.

The tool comes with basic display and searching abilities and some preconfigured reports. This is Adiscon’s first move into that market segment. I am very interested to see which feedback we get from that tool. We are very open to all customer suggestions. I have to admit that I argued it may be better to do the essentials first and then look for what people really need rather than to build a complex one-size-fits all approach. So it will be interesting, at least for me, to see if that thought works out. Just for the records, EventConsolidator is commercial software, but a full featured free trial is available form the EventConsolidator site.