what is “nextmaster” good for?

People that looked at rsyslog’s git may have wondered what the branch “nextmaster” is good for. This actually is an indication that the next rsyslog stable/beta/devel rollover will happen soon. With it, the current beta becomes the next v3-stable. At the same time, the current (v4) devel becomes the next beta (which means there won’t be any beta any longer in v3). In order to facilitate this, I have branched of “nextmaster”, which I will currently work on. The “master” branch will no longer be touched and soon become beta. Then, I will merge “nextmaster” back into the “master” branch and continue to work with it.

The bottom line is that you currently need to pull nextmaster if you would like to keep current on the edge of development. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes, but this is the best approach I see to go through the migration (and I’ve done the same in the past with good success, just that then nobody noticed it ;)).