thinking about a rsyslog client for Windows…

I have had a series of interesting talks during the past weeks. We at Adiscon have seen that there is high demand for closely integrating Windows machines into an rsyslog enterprise logging infrastructure. Of course, there are various ways to do that, and probably the best is using Adiscon’s other members of the MonitorWare product line. However, we can obviously go one step further and provide even thighter integration. For that reason, we will most probably soon create a special software package, the rsyslog for Windows client. It will provide

  • Event Log Forwarding
  • Log File Forwarding
  • Syslog Relay

capabilities, probably in different editions so that users can cover exactly their needs. While event log and file forwarding seem natural, syslog relay functionality may be a bit surprising, given the fact that rsyslog is available as a direct receiver. This feature is primarily targeted towards larger enterprises which may have no Linux machines in remote offices, but equipment they need to monitor via syslog. The core idea here is that we provide that functionality on a Windows box, which can than talk to the central rsyslog server via a reliable way.

We are currently discussing the details of this plan. I hope we will be able to show first results soon.