imuxsock rate limiting now opt-in feature

I added rate-limiting capabilities directly into rsyslog‘s imuxsock some time ago. These were turned on by default and blocked processes from writing more than 200 messages within a 5-second interval (accounted on a per-pid level). This default, however, caused quite some confusion. I monitored reactions since the feature was introduced. Last week, I noticed Chris Gaffney, too, telling about his bad experience on twitter and suggesting to change that feature from opt-out to opt-in. That was the missing complaint ;) So I did exactly what Chris suggested, and starting with 5.9.7 that feature requires an explicit opt-in. To do so, I have simply changed the default. Now, you need to tell it the rate limiting interval, which must be non-zero, in order to activate rate limiting. The default is zero, what keeps it deactivated. Currently available via git. It will take some time, though, for this changed default to migrate to the stable branch.