rsyslog v6 stable released

Happy new year! After being back from vacation, I started the new year with finally releasing the first stable rsyslog v6. While it was ready for a while, I was hesitant to release it when there was so much going on and time left for any quirks that may show up (I know I all too often overlook a thing or two with such a release and, if so, it is good to react fast). So today was finally the day. Let’s see and wait if I failed somewhere.

The new release is a very important one for me. First of all, because it helps me to get down to a decent set of versions I need to support. Doing all that v4..6 stuff in parallel with multiple branches really became time-consuming (but manageable thanks to git!). V4 has now been retired, and the number of branches is reduced to a minimum.
Very important is the new log classification capability. While it is in the beta (and devel) for quite a while, I think people were hesitant to try it out. At the same time, this prevented us from developing it any further. With it now being part of a stable release, I hope that it will get momentum.

Besides software availability, rule bases for common syslog messages are also important. Adiscon will assist with creating these rule bases upon request. I hope that people will use that facility. All they need to do is provide sufficient information about what they want to normalize and some sample messages for us to work with. We will than see how to create the required rulebase. This whole effort is based on liblognorm, so the technology can also be used by other projects (sagan is a good example that actually currently has more interest in that feature that rsyslog has).