rsyslog vs. systemd journal?

I gave an invited talk on this topic at LinuxTag 2013 in Berlin. I was originally asked to talk about “rsyslog vs. journal”, but requested that a question mark is added: “rsyslog vs. journal?”. This title much better reflects our current thinking in regard to the journal project.

Rather than eloborating on what’s our position, I thought it is easier if I just share the slide deck – and the full paper I have written on it. In a nutshell, both answer the question what we currently think of the journal, where we see which technology deployed and which cool things rsyslog can do to enhance enterprise logging. There is also a very intereting history lesson included. But enough of that, on to the real things:

The paper should definitely have all the details you ever want to know (well… ;)) and is a good read if you want to dig deeper:

Rsyslog vs Systemd Journal (Paper) from Rainer Gerhards

Note: the PDF can be downloaded directly from slideshare (use the “Save” button right on top of the paper).