new rsyslog devel branch: 7.5

After the successful and important release of 7.4 stable, we are working hard on further improving rsyslog. Today, we release rsyslog 7.5.0, which opens up the new development branch.

With that branch, we’ll further focus on security. Right with the first release, we provide a much-often demanded feature: TLS support for the Reliable Event Logging Protocol (RELP). Even better, we also support the compression feature that is included in GnuTLS, so you can use im/omrelp not only with TLS, but also turn on compression if you like so.

There is already a guide for TLS-secured RELP with rsyslog available. It was written for the experimental 7.3.16 release, which never was officially announced. So the guide contains some (now-unnecessary) build steps, but also a full example of client and server configurations.

Note that the current TLS support supports anonymous authentication, only (via Diffie-Hellman key exchange). This is due to the current librelp implementation. However, librelp is scheduled to become more feature-rich and rsyslog will support this, once it is available. In general, you can expect some more enhancements (and more fine-grained config control for those in the need) for rsyslog’s RELP subsystem.

There are more things to come, especially in the security context. So stay tuned to what the next version of rsyslog will provide!