rsyslog on github

In some pretty long discussions, it turned out that most (if not all) users were not aware that rsyslog has an official repository on  github for over six month now. So it probably is a good idea to tell the world.

While it probably is obvious, I would also like to say that I accept pull requests via github. Actually, this was always the case, even when I had no repository on github. If someone sends me a pull request, I fetch from whereever that someone’s git is located, merge it into my git and push the final result. So there is nothing special with a repository that’s on github.

Please note that we currently continue to provide rsyslog via the Adiscon git. With git, it’s irrelevat where a repository is hosted — git is not a server-based system. While I like github’s interface, I do not like to lock rsyslog into github. We almost got locked into in the early days of rsyslog development and I was extremely happy that we resisted to do much more than just the CVS repository on SF when they had their really bad time. Github currently for sure is the place to be, but I like the ability to move away when the next cool thing pops up. As such, I have setup a new page that describes where the rsyslog repositories can be found currently.  This page will be updated as need arises.

Please note that official repositories are peers, so all are equal (minus maybe a one-minute delta during push operations). Pick whichever you like most.