rsyslog Ubuntu Packages: calling for contributors

Adiscon is providing Ubuntu packages for recent rsyslog versions since quite a while. We would now like to go one step further. I have created a git repository on github for all the package build source files and Andre (who creates the packages) will populate it shortly. First of all, this will enable all folks interested in building their own packages to do so based on what we use.

But secondly, and more importantly, we hope to attract contributors for creating even better packages. One of my personal goals would be to make this project the core of an “rsyslog official” PPA in the Ubuntu ecosystem. From what I see on the mailing list, forums and so on, Ubuntu is becoming an increasingly important platform for logging (maybe due to their quick support for things like Elasticsearch as well as their current decision not to use systemd journal?). Whatever the reason is, Ubuntu seems to become of the premier logging platforms and we would like to make the rsyslog experience on it as good as possible.

This requires most easy access to packages as well as them being well-maintained from an Ubuntu PoV. So if you like rsyslog and know your way around building packages and PPAs on Ubuntu, please consider joining this effort. Also, all feedback is very welcome.

Note that we will most probably start similar efforts for the other Adiscon-supported platforms shortly. But right now Ubuntu is our prime focus, given the visible increase in its userbase.