Finally … rsyslog Minimum Batch Sizes

Today’s release of rsyslog 8.1901.0 contains a small but important feature: the ability to specify a minimum batch size. It is much-needed for some outputs, with ElasticSearch (and ClickHouse) being prime examples. While I am happy I finally implemented it, I am also a bit ashamed it took me almost three and a half year since Radu Gheorghe proposed that feature in 2015.

Quick reminder on how rsyslog batches work: we receive messages and put them into queues. From these queues, we pull so-called batches (sets of messages) and have them processed by output modules. A batch can contain a given maximum number of messages (by default and depending on case around 1024 or below). If there are that many messages inside the queue, a full batch is extracted and processed. If the queue does not contain that many, whatever it currently has is taken and forms the batch. As such a batch contain as few messages as one. Continue reading “Finally … rsyslog Minimum Batch Sizes”

German-Language Site going online…

I am starting a dedicated site in German language. It is available at The site will differ considerately from this one here, it won’t just be a translation. It will focus primarily on local things and those that my fellow Germans will probably be more interested in. The focus of this site here will remain as is and will of course be updated.