going back to rsyslog coding…

As promised, I have started to look at the rsyslog code this morning again and done so in an effort to enhance it. My first target is unloading loadable modules in a “well done” way. So far, this is a hack that does only work because ommysql (and probably a postgres module basing on it soon) does not use some of the interface functionality. Namely cfSysLineHandlers do not work with the current code.

So what I am set now for is doing it right and making sure that a loadable module can be cleanly unloaded under all circumstances. That, of course, requires some interface changes, but nothing major (keep in mind the interface is not yet finalized!). This work provides the basis for upcoming work, which will utilize many more loadable modules for other functionality, too. So it is a critical task.

I have to admit, though, that I think I need another day or so to get fully re-acquainted to the code. There was really a toll from my absence and I begin to notice it ;)