recent rsyslog changes

I am back to my routine of posting rsyslog changes. You may also imply that this means I am actually developing some things (and not just writing about it ;)). After I had a somewhat slow start today, things evolved quite nicely this afternoon. If I did not overlook anything important, I even managed to complete the “clean unload process” for loadable modules. That also brought me back to good working knowledge of the code. Actually, I am at least a day ahead of my schedule. But, of course, I’ll check if I overlooked something – but that’ll be tomorrow.

So on to the promised change log (it also covers some past days where I had not reported):

– applied gssapi patch from varmojfekoj – gss-api is now supported
– added some debug message to ommysql
– added user doc for gssapi patch from varmojfekoj – thanks!
– bumped version number to 1.20.0, because of new gss api functionality
– begun to look at dynamic module unloading – this is currently a hack
and works with the mysql module only (which is the only one, so there
is no problem in practice. But it would be good to begin to do it right ;)
– added new modExit() entry point to loadable module interface
– added an identifier to command handler table – need to identify which
command handler entries need to be removed when module is unloaded
– added support so that linkedlist key can be used for owner handle
– enhanced llExecFunc to support deletion of list elements (on behalf of
user function being called, slight interface change)
– enhanced linkedlist class so that list elements can now be deleted based
on the key value they have
– created entry point so that CfSysLine handlers are removed on modExit()
– some cleanup
– modules are now correctly unloaded and de-initialized