rsyslog work log 29

Yesterday’s rsyslog work log:
– updated “mysql paper” to include information for other databases, too
– worked a bit on the rsyslog/syslog-ng comparsion – slowly gets in better
shape ;)
– wrote doc on how to use the expression engine
– changed ABNF to fully support old property names
– added case-insensitive comparison operations
– MILESTONE: initial expression support completed
– (finally;)) released 3.12.0
– implemented environment-settable debug options
– enabled debug-support to pull runtime options from environment (bug 18)
– bugfix: removed debugging code that I forgot to remove before releasing
3.12.0 (does not cause harm and happened only during startup)
– added “help” command to runtime debug flags
– switched to git as a test run; currently I maintain both the cvs
and git repositories (via manual file copies). If all goes well, will switch
to git-only when I feel good about it (a week or so?)