finally… phpLogCon v2

Finally, we have released phpLogCon 2.1.0, the first official beta version of the v2 branch. PhpLogCon has been completely rewritten from scratch. It now offers a state-of-the art modern user interface and also is able to work with log files and not just databases. For example, it can be used to view a remote server’s log files over the web (proper authentication settings highly recommended). It will evolve to a very capable search, reporting and analysis frontend for syslog data.

Let me stress the point that it can work with log files directly. For example, we have set it up on one of our mail relays so that we can review mail logs without the need to login onto that machine. Obviously, this functionality should only be available to authenticated users, but then it is quite useful. I would appreciate to learn about any more thought of how this tool can be put to good use.


We are currently setting up the infrastructure (mailing list et al) for phpLogCon. I’ll do one more announcement here when this is completed. In the meantime, I suggest subscribing to freshmeat’s announcements, which we maintain in a timely way. You can do so at: