rsyslog work log 11

Hi all,

again, I have been quite busy the past days. A lot was rsyslog related, but phpLogCon also kept me busy. I am still working on TLS support with some occasional bug-hunting in between.

TLS support grew too a much larger project than it initially looked. In short, it caused a more or less complete rewrite of the base networking classes. Quite complex work, even though it doesn’t involve lots of code (I am always surprised how few code changes actually happen). I am going slowly but steadly through it and hope that we will have an even better abstraction of the networking classes when I am done. In the long term, it will probably also affect gssapi (in a positive way) which could finally lead to a fully generic, driver-based and highly flexible networking model. Well worth the wait, I’d say… ;)

So here is the past day’s rsyslog work log:
– worked on netstrm abstraction (server side)
– got socket abstraction to work for server part
– fixed newly introduced memory leaks
– released 3.16.0
– -c option no longer must be the first option – thanks to varmjofekoj
for the patch
– added missing copyright statements (thanks to Michael Biebl for noticing)
– added select() driver for GnuTls
– made gtls server driver work in plain tcp mode
– added $DefaultNetstreamDriver config directive
– added $ActionSendStreamDriverMode config directive
– worked on klogd problem on gentoo
– moved netstrms, netstrm and nssel into a single loadble module
because they belong together
– fixed “loadbale module leak”
– fixed problem with module unload sequence